Factors to consider when looking for a hair and beauty bar

long hair

If you care about your looks, you will always want to take good care of your hair. Your hair is one of the things that determine how presentable you are. Since it is also something that people notice fast about you, you should be looking for the best ways to keep it in the right conditions. You only need to talk to professionals whose image determines their success to know how important this is.

You will find out that the hair can determine your confidence and this, it also can be a boost in a career. For many years, people have been finding it difficult to find the kinds of hair maintenance that they need. The information available shows that it is not that easy to trust anyone with your hair since you are not sure what they can do. To be sure of getting your perfect looks, here is a list of things that you should do.

Go to a reliable hair and beauty bar

hair treatmentYou should start finding a reliable hair and beauty bar. This is the place where you will get all the services that you want. No matter how many options you have, you should not be choosing hastily because as you will find out, there is a big difference in what they can offer.

The best ones are those that can work on various hairstyles. You only need to tell them what you want, and they will provide it. In addition to that, they should have the ability to work on various types of hair because not everyone is the same.

Look at their availability

You should choose a hair and beauty bar that is available to work for you. They should have enough hair stylists and beauticians so that you do not have to wait in the queue for too long. If you look at those that are most preferred, you will see that they have more than enough workers.

Because of this, you will find someone to attend to you the moment you walk in, it could be that you have an urgent appointment to catch, and you want to style your hair to suit it In such a situation, you cannot afford the luxury of waiting for too long.

Look at the products that they use

lady with curly hairYour hair will either thrive or fade off depending on the kinds of products that you use on it. Therefore, it is important to find a hair and beauty bar that uses safe products. When you start investigating this, you will notice that every bar has specific kinds of products that they use. They always source them from particular suppliers. The main concern should be whether they are safe for your hair.

You also can find those that only use natural beauty and hair care products. Your choice depends on what you want. It may be beneficial to compare several hair and beauty bars before settling for one At least, you will know what each one of them is capable of doing, and how much they charge for their services.

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Guide To Eye Lash Extensions


Now you can say goodbye to almost unnoticeable eyelashes because the beauty industry has come up with the idea that works as a savior for many beauties around the world. Waking up every day and getting ready for work can be one huge job in itself but eyelash extensions will make your life so much better as you will be saving a lot of time by avoiding the whole episode of putting false eyelashes on, trying to get them right on the first go. Here are a few important things you need to know about eyelash extensions.


The Process

Getting eyelash extensions is a time taking process but a relaxing and a luxurious one. If you think that you will get tired and there is a lot of activity involved, then you are wrong. You will probably spend your time like a queen lying down while someone does your eyelashes extensions. However, the person you choose for your eyelash extensions should be a professional with steady hands and should be experienced to do the job effortlessly. The process consists of attaching one lash after the other with the best lash glue available until they are all dry and merge with your own lashes completely.

You Can Choose Your Own Eyelash Style

ASDSDThe good part about this whole process is that you will not be stuck with getting the same style of lashes everyone else is getting. You have complete freedom to choose your style of lashes that go along with your features and personality. Salons have so many varieties of eyelash extensions available in order to meet everyone’s requirements. You can choose the length of your eyelash extensions. Typically, the length varies from 9mm to 15mm. You can go from natural to glam, whatever you like. You can also choose the curl and shape of your eyelash extensions.

You Can Wear Makeup With Your Eyelash Extensions

It is a myth that you cannot wear any makeup with eyelash extensions. As a matter of fact, you can. You just need to keep a few things into account. First, make sure you are not using a lot of liquid based products right along with your lash line. Watery products can damage your eyelash extensions. Secondly, you will not find the need to put false eyelashes on with your eyelash extensions but even if you choose to, make sure you use best lash glue, so there is minimum damage to your eyelash extensions. What else you need to keep in mind is that do not use oil based makeup removers. They can contribute in weakening your eyelash extensions reducing their life even more.

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Make Your Eyes Truly Shine With Eyelash Extensions


These days, many women are still hesitant to get eyelash extensions, thinking that they will either look un-natural or take away from their natural beauty. However, what these women do not realize is that eyelash extensions have come a long way, as they weigh much less than traditional extensions and can be manually placed. Additionally, they can also be trimmed according to personal specifications, so as to provide a completely natural look.


Of course, if you are interested in getting eyelash extensions, you should avoid the salons that can give you the desired look for a day, and then leave you on your own to maintain them. For that matter, you should only look for quality eyelash extensions and the salons that offer them. Such salons will care about your needs, your busy lifestyle, and perfectly understand that you cannot spend days on achieving the desired look in your eyes.

Common Types

asdsadsadThere are three main types of eyelash extensions. You can choose from silk, mink, and synthetic ones. Once you have selected the type, you can pick a size, which ranges from 5 millimeters to 17 millimeters. However, make sure to carefully pick the one that suits your lifestyle and look the best. Once you have decided the type and the size, the cosmetician will place the eyelash extensions, which is a very simple and painless procedure. In most cases, the application will last between 1 and 2 hours. For the best results, make sure to come without any makeup on your face.

The Top Benefits


No Need For Eyeliners

The majority of women who have eyelash extensions prefer not to wear any eye makeup at all. Instead, they want their amazing lashes to stand out completely. With thick and long extensions, you will not have to use eyeliners, so as to make your lashes look thicker.

Adding Volume & Length

When it comes to adding volume and length, many women still prefer using mascara. While some mascara formulas are truly amazing and provide excellent results, they are no match for eyelash extensions. They are simply the next level of making your lashes full, dark, thick, and beautiful. With them, you can choose a look that is more natural or one that is more dramatic. Either way, you can be sure eyelash extensions will be just like your natural lashes, only enhanced. Also, quality extensions will last you for around four weeks, which means you will not have to visit your salon to get them placed constantly.

Achieving A Youthful Look

There is hardly anything that will make your eyes feel awake and young like thick and long eyelashes. Getting eyelash extensions will act as an instant eye lift, albeit without any side effects. Not only will you look refreshed and young, but also give your eyes that desirable brightness too.

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5 Dresses Every Woman Should Have


A woman’s wardrobe is never complete. As such, most women are often looking for new and better ways of making a fashion statement. The secret behind looking attractive lies in choosing the best outfits, shoes and other accessories. If you love dresses, here are five main types of dresses every woman should have.

The casual maxi


A casual maxi is a great option for anyone looking forwards to looking elegant while at the same time do some errands. You can also have it for an informal date. Here, you also need to pick the right color to fit in. During the summer months, you can have it with a pair of sandal. In cold weather, you can have it with some boots and a bulky jacket.

Slip dresses

Slip dresses have been a huge trend in recent years. This dress is bound to make you look attractive irrespective of what you pair it with. You can try it with an over sized sweater for a casual vibe. If you are out to have fun, you only to have it with a pair of strappy sandals.

The sheath dress

The sheath dress is known for its simplicity. As such, black sheath dress is perfect for formal occasions or when going to work. Besides, it can also be a good choice for informal settings. If you are going to a party, you only need to add some jewelry, a fascinator, and get the right shoes. Depending on how and what you wear it with, this type of dress offers the perfect transition from day and night.

Party dress

AsDXasSZDcaasEvery woman should have at least one party dress in their wardrobe. These dresses are designed in a way that makes one feel free and extra festive. There are different types of party dresses. You can either go for a bejeweled, feathered, or a design with transparent parents. When wearing it, you need to use few accessories and let the dress shine.

Flared dress

This classic dress is stylish as it was in the 1950s. It is a casual outfit and can make a great addition to any wardrobe. For a pronounced casual look, you should pair it with some ballet flats during the day. When going for a cocktail, you can add some jewelry.



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Qualities Of A Good Permanent Makeup Salon

Most people normally go to the salon to do their hair, legs, and even nails. All women want to look gorgeous and lovely always. This is the reason why they visit a salon once or twice. Due to occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays and graduation ceremonies, women would want to look their very best on such events. Women who love makeups and those who don’t find one or two reasons for visiting a salon in their lifetime. It is good to visit a professional when you are fixing your hair or want any makeup done on you. This is because they have all the skills and will make you the best. Salons are not only for young girls going to discos but to all people. Both men and women nowadays want makeup services. Even the old want to look young, and they do visit salons. What are the qualities of a good permanent makeup salon?

Exceptional services

Good salons not only offer services for the sake of it but also offer high-quality services to ensure that they attract and maintain their customers. A good salon offers services such as body and facial services, hands and feet services. When you are choosing a salon, ensure that you receive professional services. Ensure that the salon you choose offers more than one services because you are likely to get more than one treatments done at the same place and a cheaper cost.

Modern beauty equipment and quality products

The products used to determine how you will look. They are the determinants of the results you will have A good makeup salon should have quality and modern products. Modern products are made of the best materials that are tested that will ensure no allergic reactions to your body or face. These products contain better and safer products and thus tend to offer better services. This means that you will be able to have the desired look.

Inviting atmosphere

Any makeup salon should be clean. No one would want to enter and have her face or hair done in a dirty salon. It should have a good lighting system and all the floors, as well as the equipment and item, should be clean. When you are in a clean and good salon, you feel more relaxed. A good salon should have some soft music, mirrors that are framed well, towel racks that are displayed and organized well This creates an inviting atmosphere for customers.

High determination and genuine attitude

A good makeup salon should have the high determination and genuine attitudes towards their people. They are aimed at making their customers look gorgeous. They are skilled highly and are very understanding. Good makeup salons should have good communication skills. This will enable them to communicate well to their customers. They have information about the new and old makeup products and styling. They are determined to make you look gorgeous. They also give you tips for making yourself more beautiful. These professionals offer greatest services and also great discounts and packages.

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Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses For Women


The market is flooded with many options of glassware for all people including the ladies. Even though one may not have either myopia or long sightedness, eye care experts can still prescribe sunglasses to protect the eyes from damage when going outdoors. With today’s use of technology, one can get womans prescription sunglasses online with ease. As a matter of fact, this is the best way to get a pair as they have a great variety to choose from. Here are some of the benefits women get for wearing sunglasses.

Benefits of wearing sunglasses for women

They protect the eyes

gfghjghghjhgjEye care is one of the obligations people have. Prescription sunglasses are better since the eye care experts will first assess your eyes’ needs before prescribing. With sunglasses that are customized to your eyes, then one can expect nothing less than exceptional protection. Be sure to use reputable eye experts for the process lest you will get an approximated prescription which is risky for the eyes.

They are fashionable

It is no doubt that sunglasses make one look cool when they go outdoor for shopping, having ice cream or having a walk along the beach. Buying the trending designs gives users an opportunity to enjoy the current fashion. While choosing the sunglasses whether prescribed or not, be sure to choose the frames that suit you best. It is worth mentioning that faces are different and therefore, the selection of designs must suit the user.

They enhance beauty

Sunglasses are usually wide and dark which means that you cannot see the wearer’s eyes in most cases. They can easily be used to conceal any defect either in the eyes or around the eyes which contribute to enhancing the beauty. Additionally, a careful selection of designer sunglasses will enhance the look on the wearer’s face.

They are comfortable

gfhfghfghfhgfhIt is irritating to strain in bright day light and trying to soothe the endless migraines people tend to get when they go outdoors. In extreme cases, the eyes usually ache after a long day running up and down in the streets. However, the use of sunglasses ensures that one stays comfortable with any of these challenges. When using prescription glasses, you can rest assured that life will be easier for you.


Together with the above benefits, wearing sunglasses can also improve one’s esteem or remove any shyness they might have. The benefits are numerous, particularly when using the right sunglasses as prescribed by an eye care expert.

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Benefits Of Tummy Tuck

3ew4rtgfdOne may require doing a tummy tuck after extreme weight loss and also pregnancy. Most of the people don’t believe in doing a tummy tuck because it involves minor surgeries to help tighten the skin, especially in the stomach area. There are very many benefits of tummy tuck especially if you want to bring your sexy back. A tummy tuck involves the removal of excess skin and fat and flattening of the abdomen. The reasons as to why most people do a tummy tuck after pregnancy or weight loss are to tighten the weak muscles. It is no doubt that doing exercise alone cannot help you to achieve a flat tummy. Experts recommend that to achieve that perfect tummy you have to consider doing both a tummy tuck and body exercises.

Below are some of the benefits of tummy tuck

1. Help remove excess skin

Most of the people do a tummy tuck because it helps remove the excess skin in the abdomen. Excess skin can cause low self-esteem and distress for a person. The other thing is the appearance of stretch marks. This is the reason as to why tummy tuck is beneficial because it can help to remove and help these things that distress you disappear. Excess skin in the abdomen appears when the skin loses its elasticity thus causes the skin to hang and cause stretch marks. The only way to overcome this problem is by doing a liposuction to remove the excess skin permanently.

2. Tighten your abdomen muscles

Another benefit of tummy tuck surgery is that they tighten your abdominal muscles. Tightened muscles make one look beautiful and more attractive since one appears to be less heavy in the abdomen. After a tummy tuck, your stomach will feel much tighter compared to sagging of the skin previously. In conclusion, a tummy tuck will ensure that your stomach remains firm and tight.ertyghfdgsf

3. Tummy tuck improves abdominal tone and great posture

A tummy tuck will with no doubt help improve your abdominal tone and helps you achieve a great posture. After pregnancy and extreme weight loss your skin may sag and distended. Sometimes diet and body exercise is not enough. Getting rid of excess skin cannot be achieved by dieting and exercising only. A tummy tuck is required to remove all the excess skin in your abdomen. Tummy tuck improves your posture and abdominal posture that gives a beautiful appearance.

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Tips On How To Buy Lipstick


Gorgeous colored lips are one out of the many makeups we have in the market today. It is tempting to purchase the beautiful colors we see in YouTube tutorials and magazines, but it is important to buy the ones that work for you better. The important factors when looking for the type of lipstick that matches with your lip include; the skin type, your wardrobe, and skin tone. The following are important factors to consider when buying lipstick.

Select lipstick as per your needs

It is essential to consider the particular lipstick to go for because there are many kinds in the market. For instance,fdfdfddscfrtgyth we have matte touch lipsticks, cream lipsticks, and lipsticks with shimmer or frost finish.

Go for matte touch lipstick if you need it to stay for long. However, soft touch lipsticks keep your lips well moisturized. These two types of lipstick make your lips to appear thinner, they make your lips look natural, and they are deep in color. Your lips will look poutier and glisten and sparkle if you use frosty lipsticks as they reflect light.

The shelf life of the lipstick

When purchasing anything, it is essential to consider it’s manufactured and expertly day; the same applies when you are buying lipstick. Most lipsticks have a shelf life of not more than three years. So you should go for a lipstick that has been manufactured the same year you are buying so that you can use it for longer instead of purchasing a lipstick that has stayed on the shelf for more than a year.

Try the lipstick before buying them

It is advisable to sample different colors on your hand to get a shade that is meant for your personality and skin tone. Don’t for shade because you like it even if it doesn’t complement your skin color. You can choose the color that best suits you after testing.

Check the exchange policies

It is best for you to know the trade policy especially when you are not sure about the kind of product that you are buying. Most companies have a limited time for exchange while others don’t allow exchange policy at all.

Check the ingredients

bgfbfbdfrtrhyYou should check on the ingredients that have been used to manufacture the lipstick. There are some products which are harmful to skin especially for individuals who have allergies. Do not buy lipsticks that contain Tocopheryl Acetate, Parabens, Retinyl Palmitate.

These are some of the few things you can watch out for when buying lipstick, but there are others things you need to know before any purchase.

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What You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair


You may decide to cut your hair if you have a long or medium type of hair. But there a few things you should know before shaving or trim your hair. Discussed below are some expert tips you should be aware of before cutting your hair short.

The type of your face


People have different kinds of looks, but short hair is known to flatter ones look. But you may need to avoid cutting your hair in a style that makes your face appear longer if you have a diamond, triangle or oval look.

You may let your hair volume go beyond your ears if you have a short but round face. A straight fringe and the hair length may make your face appear smaller if you have a round face. Go for a blunt bang if you have an oval face.

Texture matters

You may suit any cut if you have tight coils or a slippery however straight strands. The choice of style comes down to the texture and balance. According to most barbers, short hair looks good with big volume.

Know yourself

It is advisable to carry your picture as it will help your stylist very much as per the professionals. You should bring photos that show your real stylist to figure out the style to shave you. The stylist will come up with a style that makes your hair appear nicely. By letting your hair stylist know your daily routine, they will be able to come up with favorable styles to cut your hair.

Select a color

It is important to know the color that works for long hair doesn’t necessarily work for short hairs. So before deciding on the color, it is necessary to consider the height of your hair. Choose a color that will fit with your new short hairstyle.


bfgthtyhyhyhytjyAfter cutting or trimming your hair, ensure you clean it few times so that it can get a natural pattern of when it starts to grow. You will also need to change your cleanness regime as short hair tends to be more oiler, greasier and dirt faster than even long hair. Hence you should wash your hair on a regular basis.

Remember to keep these tips in mind before cutting or getting a haircut. You should make sure the style you settle suit they shape of your face to get a great look. With the tips above am sure you will get the best haircut you desire.

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Community Art Center

Welcome to Scotts Valley Artisans Your local non-profit Community Art Center Scotts Valley Artisans is a non-profit community art center featuring the work of over 150 Santa Cruz County artists. Our 5600 sq. ft. facility provides a permanent and affordable showcase for local artists to display and sell their work, and includes a teaching facility designed to bring low-cost art education opportunites to our community. Scotts Valley Artisans is part of the Regional Artisans Association. The Regional Artisans Association is a unique, non-profit community arts model developed to expand and enhance the arts in Santa Cruz County. To that end, the Regional Artisans Association has developed a multi-faceted combination of projects and programs designed to boost Santa Cruz County’s arts and culture profile, as well as provide art-centered events and activities for our local community. These include the Art in Public Places Program, the Mural-in-a-Day Project, Scotts Valley Artisans non-profit retail art gallery, and SantaCruzArtists.com, an online nationally promoted art market exclusively for Santa Cruz County artists. Santa Cruz County has the fifth largest population of artists per capita in the United States, according to a survey conducted by Atlantic Magazine in November 2011 (the top 4 cities on the list are NYC, LA, SF, and Santa Fe). The caliber of art in our County rivals that of any major metropolitan art scene. Yet the opportunities for Santa Cruz County artists to show and sell their work are few and far between in our County. And the vast creative resources we have are little known outside of the Bay Area. Help support the Regional Artisans Association/Scotts Valley Artisans’ efforts to create a curated website that will highlight the hundreds of accomplished artists in Santa Cruz County, and bring our artists’ original creations to a national audience. The launch of this new website is scheduled for Spring of 2013.

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