Top Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

There some mistakes ladies make concerning makeup application which they are not aware of. Makeup is not a new thing in the market; it has been there for the past centuries. You will look beautiful if you apply your makeup nicely but you will have an awful look if the application is done wrongly. The following are the top five makeup application mistakes you should avoid.

Using the wrong foundation

Foundation should be used to complement you but not to change your skin tone. It is important to always go for the foundation that matches your skin color. Any slight difference in color will make you appear awful.

Utilizing wrong brushes for makeup application


Many people make these common mistakes when they are new in the makeup world. Makeup brushes are made for different uses though they may look alike. You would be able to achieve your desired results if you utilize a wrong brush. It is important to research or learn more the right brush to get for a particular purpose. It is essential to clean your brushes regularly when you are done using them. Your brushes will last longer if properly maintained.

Applying makeup on a dry skin

Some people have dry skins though there are some who are blessed with moist, beautiful skins. Most individuals with dry skin just apply makeup like other persons who have moist skin do. It is not correct; you should moisturize your skin first before applying makeup. Makeup will not blend with your face, or it accentuates flakiness if you use it on a dry face according to the experts. Professional advice people with dry skin to exfoliate once in seven days even though they moisturize their skins before applying makeup.

Applying makeup the wrong way

ewfwbybhyIt may seem funny but there a lot of women who don’t know how to use makeup properly. Some ladies appear to have a clown or doll look by misapplying makeup, especially on their cheekbones. You should apply your makeup from the apples along the cheekbones to the temple to achieve a great look.

Overdoing the eyebrows

You do not need to overdo your eyebrows to look nice. You will get a great look by doing your eyebrows properly. Overdoing eyebrows results from utilizing the wrong kind of tools according to experts. Most professional advise against using eye pencils that are very soft and do not apply a lot of eyeliner.