What You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair


You may decide to cut your hair if you have a long or medium type of hair. But there a few things you should know before shaving or trim your hair. Discussed below are some expert tips you should be aware of before cutting your hair short.

The type of your face


People have different kinds of looks, but short hair is known to flatter ones look. But you may need to avoid cutting your hair in a style that makes your face appear longer if you have a diamond, triangle or oval look.

You may let your hair volume go beyond your ears if you have a short but round face. A straight fringe and the hair length may make your face appear smaller if you have a round face. Go for a blunt bang if you have an oval face.

Texture matters

You may suit any cut if you have tight coils or a slippery however straight strands. The choice of style comes down to the texture and balance. According to most barbers, short hair looks good with big volume.

Know yourself

It is advisable to carry your picture as it will help your stylist very much as per the professionals. You should bring photos that show your real stylist to figure out the style to shave you. The stylist will come up with a style that makes your hair appear nicely. By letting your hair stylist know your daily routine, they will be able to come up with favorable styles to cut your hair.

Select a color

It is important to know the color that works for long hair doesn’t necessarily work for short hairs. So before deciding on the color, it is necessary to consider the height of your hair. Choose a color that will fit with your new short hairstyle.


bfgthtyhyhyhytjyAfter cutting or trimming your hair, ensure you clean it few times so that it can get a natural pattern of when it starts to grow. You will also need to change your cleanness regime as short hair tends to be more oiler, greasier and dirt faster than even long hair. Hence you should wash your hair on a regular basis.

Remember to keep these tips in mind before cutting or getting a haircut. You should make sure the style you settle suit they shape of your face to get a great look. With the tips above am sure you will get the best haircut you desire.

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