5 Dresses Every Woman Should Have


A woman’s wardrobe is never complete. As such, most women are often looking for new and better ways of making a fashion statement. The secret behind looking attractive lies in choosing the best outfits, shoes and other accessories. If you love dresses, here are five main types of dresses every woman should have.

The casual maxi


A casual maxi is a great option for anyone looking forwards to looking elegant while at the same time do some errands. You can also have it for an informal date. Here, you also need to pick the right color to fit in. During the summer months, you can have it with a pair of sandal. In cold weather, you can have it with some boots and a bulky jacket.

Slip dresses

Slip dresses have been a huge trend in recent years. This dress is bound to make you look attractive irrespective of what you pair it with. You can try it with an over sized sweater for a casual vibe. If you are out to have fun, you only to have it with a pair of strappy sandals.

The sheath dress

The sheath dress is known for its simplicity. As such, black sheath dress is perfect for formal occasions or when going to work. Besides, it can also be a good choice for informal settings. If you are going to a party, you only need to add some jewelry, a fascinator, and get the right shoes. Depending on how and what you wear it with, this type of dress offers the perfect transition from day and night.

Party dress

AsDXasSZDcaasEvery woman should have at least one party dress in their wardrobe. These dresses are designed in a way that makes one feel free and extra festive. There are different types of party dresses. You can either go for a bejeweled, feathered, or a design with transparent parents. When wearing it, you need to use few accessories and let the dress shine.

Flared dress

This classic dress is stylish as it was in the 1950s. It is a casual outfit and can make a great addition to any wardrobe. For a pronounced casual look, you should pair it with some ballet flats during the day. When going for a cocktail, you can add some jewelry.



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